Falz blasts ‘Yahoo Boys’ in new song

Falz blasts ‘Yahoo Boys’ in new song

Falz slams yahoo boys in new song
confirm It’s obvious that Falz is not a fan of Yahoo Boys, he has made it known several times, but now he raises the bar by dedicating a full song to his preaching against Internet fraudsters.

On the single ‘Confirm’, one of the tracks off his recent surprise album, 27, Falz didn’t hold back his displeasure towards Internet fraudsters, calling them thieves.
On the first verse, Falz raps; “Internet gangster, this the first chapter/ This brother just hammer, he collect from.one maga/ Him steal person money, na hin he wan dey form swagga/ Everyday for the thief, one day for karma/ So you happy when you log into your online haven, and when you getting richer off another mans savings/ Stop explaining, that be lazy, No excuse you fit give them, No be only una wey be victim of the system/ No, you no be hustler, that one no be work sir
He continues;
“You wan carry duffel duffel, instead make you hustle double, hoping you will realize you’re not in a real life, you’re not sharper than the nigga rocking a pins stripe/ Person talk small, you left threats in the comment section, you never got attention, then you try to flood the mention/ You don forget say this person get some got protection, Get your ass up before you end up for detention.”



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