An Exclusive Interview with the Multi Super Talented Fast rising coolest, funniest comedian in UNILORIN

Picture Speaks:

Here is an overview of an interview that ensue between one of ROYALPIZZLE_MEDIA HUB personnel and our Super Multi Talented Rib Cracker, the C.E.O of Horpsywealth Entertainment Today.

ROYALPIZZLE_MEDIA: Good Morning sir, can we meet you sir?
Horpsywealth: Am Ibraheem Abdulazeez OPEYEMI Also Known as HORPSYWEALTH.

ROYALPIZZLE_MEDIA:  From where sir?
Horpsywealth:  Probably Kogi State but Mainly and Majorly from OSUN STATE.

ROYALPIZZLE_MEDIA:  Ok since when have you started this comedy?
Horpsywealth:  Since my primary school days. But worked out for me when I was in Adeyemi College of Education before unilorin now signed the boy.

ROYALPIZZLE_MEDIA:  OK what gives you inspiration or motivations?
Horpsywealth:  Though ,I am into Online jokes and comedy,I have the opportunity to make stage comedy thrice before I concluded on only online jokes. The only inspiration that always come to my mind everyday is how to make my people and family more happy everyday, Since I have been getting positive comments,I think that’s enough for me to get the motivation from my people happiness,my joy even whenever I am sad.

ROYALPIZZLE_MEDIA: As a comedian how do you cope between written or collating your comedies and schooling sir?
Horpsywealth:  Hmmmmm, Your last question ehn, E thick😁😁😁😁, Though I make all my jokes whenever all the students are sleeping, Meaning instead of me to sleep at night,I rather wake up and do something to make my people happy, And I do both at night with the things going on around me both music and comedy.

ROYALPIZZLE_MEDIA:   Do you see yourself in the future being a full time comedian sir?
Horpsywealth:  No sir, and probably,if that will be done,it might come as a comedy skit alone though through these jokes and comedy I established my ENTERTAINMENT label “Named:Horpsy ENTERTAINMENT” And for now,we are jus 5 in number
Hennywealth as the BOSS LADY
Luca Green as the Frontier RAPPER
Cema As the Creditable Singer
FeiFei as the Team Manager

ROYALPIZZLE_MEDIA : Thanks for sharing out of your precious, judicious Time and Experience sir?
Horpsywealth:  I am highly grateful to your team for your concern.

Here is what we were able to gather from the most funniest Rib cracker “HORPSYWEALTH” GOOD bless you.  Drop your ccomments in the comments box.


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