A write up about the Birthday Queen. Happy Birthday Mz HORPSY, Hennywealth The Boss first lady

                  A write up for Miss HORPSYWEALTH

Her name is Eniola Mercy

I met her last year but then,things are not really okay ,as times goes on,she came with a very good blessings which I can’t really mention all but few,
She is the woman behind *HORPSY ENTERTAINMENT* she advised me to start a very big entertainment and have many people around me since I am sociable,as a man,I joined hand together with her and accepted the fact that the advise will be a very big motivation for me in the future and thank God today for that.
Seriously,I have met many ladies,wonderful lady like Hennywealth is rare,the name behind Hennywealth is just from my name,I was made the CEO Horpsy entertainment and she was made the Boss First Lady.

Hennywealth, Hennywealth, Hennywealth,

That I’m able to write something again about this pretty baby,it’s another privilege which I must not misuse again in life because,life with her is interesting,a blessed one and a dedicated one,though we fights alots ,we argue alots but I must tell the truth,she has been so supportive and courageous,my own part is not just to date her,but to make the promises I made fulfilled,

She is a very shy lady,but no one can walk with me and be shy when I’m a very social man to be with always
So I removed the shyness in her body and make the name more popular than mine,
Though I’m not like Davido that gave out Porsche,but my time is coming when I will do more than that,

I know this will come as a surprised to u,but please accept my very best wishes so far ,and have it in mind that you are not just a year older,you are a year higher in grace,your impact in my life is even more than that of my mother,upon all the struggle and hustling,yet,u stay,you pray,you support,you advise and u continue.

Lastly, Hennywealth is best among the ladies of nowadays which if I loose,I may not see someone like her again forever, Yes,I thank God for the grace in her life,I pray for more success and a better year for her,she is still a student of educational management,200l student.and I wish her well in all her endeavours and I am using this opportunity to thank friends behind her movement and those making her happy as a friend.
Luca green,Cema FEI FEI , Dasola,Mariam, Opeyemi,rofeeyah,Bola,favour,sis Dammy and so on. I say a very big thanks to u all,stay blessed and God will be your mercy
Once again. I’m Ibraheem Opeyemi HORPSYWEALTH
I pray for success and greatness for u
This year birthday will bring the ever best for you and your people
Happy birthday my dear sweetheart,
Long life and prosperity
From your own very best and sturborn boo
Your mine and the one you do call. OPE MI


3 thoughts on “A write up about the Birthday Queen. Happy Birthday Mz HORPSY, Hennywealth The Boss first lady

  1. May your life b colourful day and night, With love, happiness and Success of your right, And God's choicest blessings b always there… Happy Birthday to you ……

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